Current production capability

- Workstations: DELL Studio XPS8100
- CAM Software: Genesis 2000 / Frontline
Multilayer pressing
- Multilayer Press: Lauffer system ( 2 x hot and 1 x cool press)
- Multilayer Press: Cedal / Adara multipress (max. format 22" x 28"); Maximal panel size - 550 mm x 675 mm
- CEDAL lay up frame with laser panels' adjustment in package
- MULTILINE - post etch punch machine for registration tooling holes precise punching of inner layers, after black oxide process, if 6 or more layers are being laminated.
- CEDAL RBM66s - bonding machine for inner layers
Drilling / Routing
Drilling machines: - Schmoll type MX1 Lin CCD, Pluritec Multistation Microdrill (min. drill diameter 0.1 mm, depth control, broken tool indicator, Depth ( z-axis) control of routing & scoring)
- X-Ray Drilling machine: Pluritec Inspecta 75 X-ray (Auto alignment)
- Laser drilling ESI 5330 flex and ESI 5200
- Routing machines: Lenz 4B, Pluritec Multistation, Posalux CNC2000
- Drilling / routing tools: CPK Kemmer, Union Carbide
Photoimaging (Cleanroom class 10.000)
- Exposure Unit: Laser Direct Imaging System with Solid State Laser (Orbotech LDI dp-100 ; LDI PARAGON 8800)
- Exposure unit: Tamarack 161B Coolimated Light Source (with automatic film positioning)
- Laminator: HACUTO 630up
- Laminator: HACUTO 610i
Soldermask / Marking print (Cleanroom class 10.000 / 100.000)
- Vertical screen printer: Cugher Vertiprint
- Horizontal screen printer: ATMA
- Soldermask conveyor curing ovens: Cugher
- Exposure unit: Coligth ; ORC
- Screen printing machines: Orbotech
- Photoimagable Soldermask
color: green,red, blue /sun chemical (semi-matt)
color: white- peters 2491-sm-tsw- (glossy)
color: black- Tayio (semi-matt)
- Marking ink: AGFA ink ; Peters SD-2593UV
- Blue mask : Peters SD-2955
Wet Processes
- Surface preparation for Photoimaging: Pumiflex + Chemcut / MEC
- Surface preparation for Pressing: Occleppo / Mc Dermid + Schmid / Shipley
- Developing of Photoresist: Schmidt
- Developing of Soldermask: Schmidt
- Alkaline Etching: Schmidt
- Resist Stripping: Schmidt
- Tin stripping: Schmidt
- Horizontal line for direct metalization : Schmidt, HMS
- SHERING vertical automatic galvanic copper plating line: Pulsereversable rectifiers
Direct metallisation / Plating
- High pressure / Ultrasonic cleaning: Occleppo
- Desmear / Etchback: Occleppo / Enthone
- Direct Metallisation "DMS-E Process" HMS
- Chemical Copper line Schmid
- PC controlled Copper / Tin plating line: Schering
Surface finish
- HAL Pb and HAL Pb Free
- Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG): AST / OMG
- Immersion Tin: Occleppo / Atotech
- Electroplated Ni / Au: Atotech
- ENIG for Aluminium wire bonding
PCB Test
Automatic optical inspection:
- Automatic Optical Inspection: Orbotech
- Verfication station VRS

Electrical test:
- Flying probe tester: ATG A6 (16 test pins, fine pitch, format 620mm x 600mm)
- Flying probe tester: ATG A2 (16 test pins, fine pitch, format 620mm x 600mm)
- Flying probe tester: ATG A3 (8 test pins, fine pitch, format 500mm x 400mm)
- Bare Board test system: ATG A518
- Microcraft Spyder

Visual Test:
- Stereo Microscopes: Leica
Laboratory Equipment
- Microsection polishing equipment: Buehler Beta 2
- Microscopes: Leitz Metalloplan and Hirox
- Solderability Test equipment: ECI QC 100
- Bathanalyser: Qualilab QL 5
- Spectrophotometers: Dr. Lange LPG 385
- Plating Thickness Measure equipment: Fischerscope PCB LR
- Final coating thickness measure unit: Oxford Instruments CMI 900
- Impedance Control Measure Equipment: Polar CITS 500
- Machvision LineGauge - top and bottom conductor line width measurement unit
- Hirox 3-D Digital Microscope System

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