High Frequency Boards

There are two basic types of circuits that fall under the heading of high frequency, RF / Analog (aka- RF/Microwave) and High Speed digital. Each of these has their own unique requirements, which have established two distinct classes of materials.

Material Parameters

There are a number of material parameters and characteristics important to the overall success of any circuit board. Material choice can have a major impact on all these sources of energy loss. There are 4 parameters that generally affect signal losses, Er, Dielectric Thickness, Line Width and Loss Tangent. There is also a fifth issue that can cause significant losses at some frequencies, Skin Effect. To gain true control of high speed and high frequency signals, all of these must be considered.

Select a material for every PCB application that optimizes both performance and cost. Materials we use have characteristics required for High-frequency (RF signal) boards:

• High frequency performance due to tight dielectric tolerance and low loss

• Stable electrical properties versus frequency

• RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly

• Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)

• The linear change in dimension as a function of temperature

Technology/Materials Technology/Impedance control

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