Rigid boards

Double sided and Multilayer PCBs are used for an incredibly wide range of applications. Hi-Tech Corp. has a proven track record in supplying rigid PCBs for industries that demand a high degree of reliability. Selecting materials that best fit the required electrical, thermal, and physical characteristics is essential for delivering outstanding quality.

Maximum layers:


Board size

485x585mm    Max.Finished Board size


458x550mm    Max.Finished Board size

(ML6 >,FR4,PTH)

510x635mm    Max.Finished Board size


PCB Thickness:

0.2 – 5.0 mm

Base material

Standard FR4

FR4 Halogen Free


Rogers RO 4000® series

Finished Copper thickness

35 (55) µm;  70 µm;  105 µm;  140 µm;  210 µm;  235 µm;  435 µm

Surface finish

HAL Lead Free

HAL – PbSn

Electroplated nickel/gold (partially / whole surface)

Electroplated Gold connectors

Chemical nickel/gold

Chemical tin

Solder resist mask

Photosensitive lacquers

Color : green,red, blue, black, white

Additional printing

Peelable (Blue) Mask

Marking (Component Legend) Print

Color: white , yellow, black

Drill diameter

0.15mm (minimum)

Aspect Ratio

1:8 (Standard)

1:25 (Special)

Trace width

150µm (standard)

35µm (minimum)

Mechanical Proces


V- scoring

Jump-V- scoring

Press-Fit technology

Edge plating

Half-plated holes

Castellated holes

Z-axis routing

Mechanical hole drilling

Technology/Micro via

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