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Need something done fast, and done right the first time over? Our express prototyping service is for you! To be able to respond quickly, and meet customer needs for on-time delivery, Hitech’s state of the art facilities are operational 24/7.

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Passion and curiosity are things that we wake up to every morning and they stay with us throughout the day.

Сакате да ни се придружите? Испратете го вашето CV на contact@hitech.com.mk и ние ќе ве контактираме што е можно побргу ако имате соодветни вештини и потенцијал за отворените позиции.

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Работна Култура

Personalized work spaces. We want everybody working here to have the maximum amount of freedom to decide how to get their work done. We want you to do what is the best for you and for the team. It is as simple as that. We believe that our employees are responsible people who can be trusted to make the right decisions without having someone looking over their shoulders or being spoon-fed.

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