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Need something done fast, and done right the first time over? Our express prototyping service is for you! To be able to respond quickly, and meet customer needs for on-time delivery, Hitech’s state of the art facilities are operational 24/7.


Hi-Tech Corp. has a proven track record in supplying rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs for industries that demand a high degree of reliability.
Selecting materials that best fit the required electrical, thermal, and physical characteristics is essential for delivering outstanding quality. Hi-Tech offers its customers a wide range of materials from renowned industry suppliers.
With a final board thickness of 0.1 to 5.0mm and a maximum of 40 layers of complex HDI designs, and hybrid build-ups, Hi-Tech is able to satisfy the needs of its most demanding customers.
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High-frequency & PTFE boards

Hi-Tech utilizes variety of materials from the Rogers 4000 and Rogers 3000 series, as well as Megtron 6 and Nelco materials to ...

HDI Boards

Throughout the years, Hi-Tech Corp. established itself as a dominant player in the field of HDI production. With lines&spaces as low 35um and blind ...

Rigid-Flex boards

Hi-Tech Corp has 15 years of experience in manufacturing complex high-end flex and rigid flex PCBs. Utilizing high-end materials such as the Dupont Pyralux ...


Hi-Tech manufactures stainless steel stencils for a variety of self mounting systems, as well as, stencils in screen frame in thicknesses of 0.1mm ,0.13mm and 0.15mm ...